Rain Dogs’ new synth-punk EP sounds like the soundtrack of a riveting ’80s horror flick

Rain Dogs’ new synth-punk EP sounds like the soundtrack of a riveting ’80s horror flick

Words by Tom Williams

Immerse yourself in the universe of gothic synth-punk.

Melbourne synth-punk trio Rain Dogs have just released their debut EP, comprising five tracks transporting you to the darkest corners of the electronic music spectrum.

Rain Dogs is undoubtedly murky and atmospheric, yet its sinisterness is not without its charm. The trio wear their influences and intentions on their sleeve, and the clear emphasis on DIY production makes the EP endearing and honest.

‘Perilous Woman’ and ‘Catacomb Eyes’, the group’s first two singles, immediately establish momentum with constant, classic drum machine rhythms and cyclic, distorted vocals.

This melodic insurgence erupts in track three, ‘Venus In Furs’. Broad, bursting synth noises brimming with Transylvanian omininousness spew across the shadowy soundscape as Rain Dogs find their place in the synth-punk plethora.

After a fleeting moment of spaciousness, a rumbling bassline cuts through and pulsates for the entirety of track four, ‘Sanguino’. Thunder erupts while ghostly voices and distorted guitar echo across the bass loop, creating a scary, speedy experience.

Intriguingly the last track, ‘Italy’, takes on an uplifting, bedroom pop feel. Ghostly vocals and drum machine snares persist, but this final note asserts that Rain Dogs aren’t just Freddy Kruegers and Babadooks, they’re also capable of scaling things back.

Check out the new EP below.

Rain Dogs self-titled EP is out now through .jpeg Artefacts. For more on Rain Dogs, head to their Facebook page.