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Turbowolf : Turbowolf


Turbowolf’s eponymous debut is the sort of first effort most bands dream of. Contemporary artists mixing elements of ’60s/’70s stoner and rock is not a new idea. However, Turbowolf have created a unique sound thanks to a good dose of punk aggression and mostly thanks to their erratic yet catchy songwriting.

The aptly named Introduction starts off the retro-riff-fest. The first thing that will hit you is how huge the guitars sound, followed by the delightfully trashy sounding drums. Spasmodic synth permeate this – and indeed every – track, but the whole package is completed by vocalist Chris Georgiadis. His vocals call to mind a sleazier version of Turbonegro’s Hank Von Helvete.

The volatile guitar and noise blend continues through Ancient Snake, Seven Severed Heads and Bag O’ Bones. In between track four and six lives an odd yet appropriate noise track, TW. Read + Write is structured around a syncopated rhythm that will have those with shortest of hair wishing for a mop-top to approvingly bob along with. The Big Cut brings back the fast and grooving guitars, before another noise track, K-J, fades in and out.

A Rose for The Crows – the album’s first single – alternates between a unabashed riff and a quieter chorus. This is done to great effect, and it is easy to see why this is the first single – it showcases most of what this band is capable of. The quietest section of the album continues with the disco-drums laden Son (Sun). Things Could Be Good Again is the most punk-rock inspired track here, owed to an unrelenting drum beat. From here only one more noise track wedges itself in, and with it’s almost relaxed tone All The Trees brings what the previous noise tracks were hinting at. The more noise-heavy Let’s Die concludes the album on a different note to how it started, but it doesn’t feel out of place.

This is an incredibly powerful debut album, and it will carry Turbowolf far. If you like loud, erratic rock ‘n roll which will put you into party mode you should do yourself a favour and check out Turbowolf.


Best Track: Ancient Snake


In A Word: Tumultuous