Tropical Fuck Storm are playing a surprise final show at The Curtin

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Tropical Fuck Storm are playing a surprise final show at The Curtin

Tropical Fuck Storm

Tropical Fuck Storm will end their 2022 Australian tour with a special final show at the John Curtin Hotel.

Tropical Fuck Storm consummate their Fuck The Rain Away Tour with a surprise first and last show at the Curtin. Joining the pandemonium will be The Misanthropes and Delivery.

The John Curtin Hotel will end as we know it in November, with no lease to be offered past that point. The Victorian Heritage register has recently suggested that the building be given heritage protection, which may at least save it from demolition.

What you need to know

  • Tropical Fuck Storm – Fuck The Rain Away Tour wrap-up show
  • Sunday 14 August at the John Curtin Hotel
  • With The Misanthropes and Delivery

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Tropical Fuck Storm return to Australia from a soul-saving crusade in the United Kingdom and the Mediterranean to cool down with some restriction-free shows back home.

Their sound blends discursive hip hop, noise rock and industrial, and third release Deep States goes wherever it wants, riffing on pop, R&B, Talking Heads-style new wave, Delta blues, Tom Waits, and some of the band’s hip-hop favourites such as Wu-Tang Clan and Missy Elliot.

The band has made a career out of crafting brain-melting apocalyptic art punk songs attuned to political and social crises.

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