Totally Unicorn : Dream Life

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Totally Unicorn : Dream Life


When you’ve made a name for yourself almost entirely off the back of your live reputation, how do you draw people into your music away from it? This conundrum is – at least, in part – the key to explaining the half-decade-and-change it’s taken for Sydney-via-Austinmer’s Totally Unicorn to put out their debut album.


It’s taken a few different approaches and some key lineup changes, but the band’s long-awaited Dream Life is a half-hour of power that finally puts forth considerable enough weight to restore the balance between the band’s recorded material and their in-your-face live show. The band’s bullish approach to chaotic metalcore remains intact to a degree, but Dream Life also gives way to a somewhat surprising extent of progression insofar as the songwriting craft is concerned. There are peaks and valleys, momentary calm and merciless storms. If you listen close enough, you might even hear an acoustic guitar for a second or two.


Wherever it is, Unicorn gallops, and there’s never a dull moment. You’re along for the entire white-knuckle ride, and as soon as it’s over you’ll want to do the whole thing again. Partying mandatory, clothing optional.