There wasn’t a happier place to be when Glass Animals brought the party to Melbourne Town Hall

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There wasn’t a happier place to be when Glass Animals brought the party to Melbourne Town Hall


Complete with the backing of two fantastic albums, Glass Animals presided over an 80-minute party at Melbourne Town Hall, filled with high energy and boundless enthusiasm. Launching into Life Itself, fans started bouncing in time to Joe Seaward’s drums and the crowd singalong that would continue for the whole show shot into gear. From the moment the 1500 strong crowd belted out the chorus everyone was along for the ride.


Things went up another notch once the riff of Poplar St started blaring. By the time Season 2 Episode 3 started I worried for the structural integrity of the 150 year old building, trying to contain what had essentially become a one room music festival. Seeing a thousand plus people freeze to shout “my girl eats mayonnaise from the jar while she’s getting blazed” before getting straight back to dancing was almost like a High School Musical movie where everyone somehow knows all the choreography and it was fantastic to see.


The barefoot British band seemed determined to give the crowd their money’s worth and barely took a breath between tracks, moving from one crowd pleaser to another. The only break in proceedings came when lead singer Dave Bayley got a little too excited and ended up breaking a drum, which almost forced the band to take a break against their wishes while they waited on repairs.


Special shout out to support act Lanks who transfixed a crowd about as well as an opening band has ever done, complete with a flute solo that sent those who decided to rock up early into a frenzy.


It was clear there wasn’t a happier room in the whole of Melbourne.


Words by Nathan Quattrucci

Image by Ian Laidlaw


Highlight: The band’s energy was infectious and got to everyone in the room.

Lowlight: Who has a mid-gig fight at a gig where you couldn’t help but be happy?

Crowd Favourite: A tie between Pork Soda and Lanks’ flute solo.