The Harlots : Satellite

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The Harlots : Satellite


Although they’ve been rattling around the east coast of Australia creating havoc on dance floors and blowing speakers for almost seven years, Satellite is The Harlots first full-length release.  On vinyl, no less – and it’s been well worth the wait.

If you were to pick up a track or two you could be forgiven for comparing the Melbourne band to just about any talented practitioners or rock or indie since the Britpop boom of the ‘90s, but The Harlots continue here as they have begun – by doing their own thing.

Although they excel first and foremost as a live band, The Harlot’s recordings have a lot to offer the ears. It’s no surprise given their previous form that there are some great tracks to be found here, and you don’t have to search very far. Calling On You and title track Satellite are clear standouts. It’s no surprise they’ve already been plugged on triple j and Triple R, with high rotation anticipated. There is much to be contrasted on the indie release, showcasing their versatility in spades. High Roller cruises in as a bluesy, soaring and key-driven ballad, whereas Losing Her Voice is stripped back and honest before elevating itself toward lo-fi bliss. It’s clear the band’s experience on the road has given them a tight sound, translating seamlessly on their first release – which will hopefully, not be their last.

By Josh Fergeus