The Grogans’ favourite up-and-coming Australian artists right now

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The Grogans’ favourite up-and-coming Australian artists right now

Featuring the likes of Velvet Bloom, Adam Newling, Bones and Jones and more.

Melbourne’s favourite surf rockers The Grogans are currently amidst a 15-date tour around the country – much of which is sold out – to celebrate their 2020 album, Day / To / Day.

Day / To / Day was one of the best local records to emerge last year, an album that was still quintessentially Grogans but incorporated some more nostalgic ’60s influences into the mix. The tour will take them to Melbourne’s The Espy and Wrangler Studios across four shows, before the band make their way up the east coast to perform in Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and beyond.

With The Grogans in the thick of playing shows, we asked them to shine a light on their favourite Australian bands right now.

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Velvet Bloom & The Vito Collective

Velvet Bloom fuse delicate songwriting with a luscious and vibrant soul sound which can fill any venue. They have been our good friends for a long time now and the more we play with them, the more we truly understand their incredible talent. As a band, we have always looked up to Velvet Bloom on not just their musical talent but their commitment and passion towards their project.

Quin [Grunden] has been lucky enough to work with the band in the studio a few times now and has grasped insight into the creative process they take when recording.

“One of the most important and eye-opening things I’ve learnt while working with Velvet Bloom is how much care and intricacy Maddy [Herbert] takes with her vocals in the recording process,” Grunden says. “A bad take for Maddy is rare; it seriously blows my mind. The rest of the band are exactly the same in their respective areas and work like a dream as a collective.”

Adam Newling

With a raw and unique sound that’s seriously captivating, Adam Newling has been a favourite among the three of us for a while now. We were lucky enough to catch his set at Yours & Owls and it was huge – the band has such a nice, relaxed stage presence. Adam is pushing boundaries with his music, with no restraints, singing with a crazy amount of passion and rawness, mixed in with completely-wholesome lyrics. Unreal.

Bones and Jones

We’ve been absolutely pumping Bones and Jones lately, cannot get enough! They’ve got a really sick sound not many artists have these days, while their live shows are an out-of-control, head-bopping spectacle. As a band we have always listened to older rock’n’roll and blues and Bones and Jones create that same nostalgic sound that we know and love. These guys are definitely one of the next big things and they’re absolutely lovely people too!

The Fillmores

The Fillmores are incredible – we’re their biggest fans. We’re always amazed by each piece of work they put out and it always inspires us, while their live performances are captivating. There something unique to The Fillies’ sound but there’s no way we can explain it. Maybe it’s their ability to write lyrics that make you want to laugh and cry at the same time (in the best way obviously) or potentially their incredible live show.

Jack Davies & The Bush Chooks

We have been listening to Jack Davies for a while now and every time we do, it feels as if it’s the first time we’ve heard it. Jack has this amazing ability to convey beautifully-real messages through his songwriting, almost as if he is far beyond his years. We were lucky enough to catch their show at The Corner in March and were completely blown away by not only the songs and incredible talent of the band but also their crazy and unique stage presence, something which left the three of us humbled.

The Grogans’ four Melbourne shows at The Espy and Wrangler Studios are sold out, however there are still tickets to other shows in Canberra, Newcastle, Byron Bay, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Find out more at their Facebook page.