The Count With Autumn Gray

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The Count With Autumn Gray


Questions and Answers with Autumn Gray – Jeff Clementson (keyboard and piano)


“Autumn Gray – Jeff Clementson (keyboard and piano)”

Ten bands everyone should know about:

“Grizzly Jim Lawrie, Sierra Fin, Snakadaktal, Pensive Penguin, Hello Satellites, Nick Larkins And The Bones, Sleep Decade, Institut Polaire, Fourth Floor Collapse, Black Cab.”

Nine food items that you need to make a kickarse dinner party:

“Being one of the two vegans in our band, my food list differs somewhat from the other band members, but too bad for them. Hommus, salsa, roasted garlic pita chips, vegie tempura with ginger soy sauce, vegie rice paper rolls with peanut sauce, coconut rice, hearty Moroccan stew with harissa, sweet potato roasted with lemon myrtle and agave nectar, homemade banana and macadamia ice-cream.”

Eight possessions that define you:

“While none of us probably like to be defined by our possessions, most of us in the band are geeks as well as musicians so we tend to accumulate lots of gadgets. iPhone, Amazon Kindle, laptop, headphones, CD collection, my keyboard, pinstripe pants and passport.

Seven favourite movies/TV shows that go on your mix-tape:

Withnail And I, Dead Man, Adaptation, The West Wing, Dexter, Drawn Together, True Blood .”

Six bad habits you can’t escape:

“Coffee (too much), Tapping along to music, TV, conversation, credit card debt, indecisiveness, putting exercise off until ‘tomorrow’, generally just thinking too much – it’d be nice to live ‘in the moment’ a bit more.”

Five people who inspire you:

“Gabriel Garcia Marquez – such a wonderful writer, manages to really capture the colour and magic of everyday life. Paul Watson – Sea Shepherd, out there on the front lines fighting for the whales in the Southern Ocean. Jeff Mangum – Neutral Milk Hotel singer and songwriter. Simply brilliant. The Coen Brothers – consistently fantastic filmmaking duo.”

Four things that turn you on:

“Long winter coats, a great bass line, Bridezilla and Autumn Gray merchandise.”

Three goals for your music:

“To keep getting better live, to make better albums and to stop losing so much money!”

Two live gigs you’ll never forget and why:

“The Dirty Three and Bonnie Prince Billy show at The Forum – electric atmosphere, amazing sound, the perfect show, and Even and Ken Stringfellow at The Punters Club – the last show I went to at the Punters, great sets from both acts, and then a joint encore set at the end playing Posies, R.E.M., and Big Star songs.”

One day left before the apocalypse and you…:

“Relax with a few beers, safe in the knowledge that reality television will die out with the human race.”

When’s the gig / release?

“Saturday January 22 at The Toff In Town! Single and filmclip launch for our track Love Handles. It’s gonna be a great night out.”