Sufjan Stevens Melbourne 2011

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Sufjan Stevens Melbourne 2011


He’ll play The State Theatre in January, rejoice!

All delighted people raise your hands! Sufjan’s coming back to Australia!

After making me cry multiple times after I saw him two nights in a row last time he came out to Australia, Sufjan has decided to come back and do some more birdwatching here in Oz.

He’ll be bringing his incredible music and band to Melbourne. It was leaked that he was playing Adelaide, but luckily for us it’s an entire Australian tour. Hooray!

The Michigan-born self-taught musician who plays oboe, recorder, banjo, guitar, piano, bass and more has released a varied catalogue including A Sun Came, which was more techno/electronic, Seven Swans, the beautifully minimalist heartfelt folk effort, the famous ’50 states project’ featuring Illinois and Michigan and most recently, The Age Of Adz and the preceding All Delighted People EP.

This unusual album charters new territory for Stevens and is also absolutely just as beautiful as everything else he’s ever done.

He plays The State Theatre on Monday January 31. Tickets are available on Friday November 12 from and 1300 182 183.