Stand Atlantic : Sidewinder

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Stand Atlantic : Sidewinder


Stand Atlantic’s jaunty pop-punk sound is totally familiar, yet totally fresh. This is dangerous, as it’s allowed the Sydney three-piece to craft one of the most impressive releases of 2017 – a slow-burn branding of their name onto the Australian music landscape.

Opener ‘Sidewinder’ meanders along with a propelling guitar lead, spurned forward by Bonnie Fraser’s impassioned vocals. Like most of the EP, it’s a total earworm – hooks aplenty. This leads into the explosive ‘Mess I Made, a total contrast to the first track through its upbeat instrumentation and cheerful vocal delivery. The crisp opening riff is enough to get the headbanging started. Try not to sing along. I dare you.

The chorus on ‘Push’ is reminiscent of mid-2000s pop-punk anthems. It’s a homely familiarity, with a biting twist of Stand Atlantic flavour shining through the vocals and production. With a similar exuberance to ‘Mess I Made’, ‘Coffee at Midnight’ is another standout – commanding drums envelop a razor-sharp guitar lead, as Fraser delivers her most dynamic vocal performance of the EP.

‘Chemicals’ closes the record with a sense of catharsis. Sidewinder’s lyrical content largely revolves around the breakdown of a relationship, and this song leaves it firmly in the past, as Fraser asserts “I’m too busy feeling alright/I don’t owe you anything.” 

Fresh off the back of touring with pop-punk heavyweights New Found Glory, Stand Atlantic are set for greatness. Give this record a listen – you’ll regret sleeping on them if you don’t.