British India : Forgetting The Future

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British India : Forgetting The Future


For a band like British India, trying to find a balance between maintaining their sound and exploring new creative ventures can be quite difficult. On Forgetting the Future, British India have delivered, creating potentially their most exciting record to date.

Compelling album opener ‘Precious’ immediately gives an indication that Forgetting the Future is a guitar-heavy record, with an almost stadium-ready sound that album producer Oscar Dawson (of Holy Holy) has made his own. ‘Midnight Homie’ is initially introduced with light synth, but quickly turns into a fast-paced catchy-as-hell tune.


Album highlight ‘Absolutely Disgusting’ is big on emotions. It’s well worth the eight minutes of incredible instrumentation, showcasing frontman Declan Melia’s vocals, delayed electronic drums and layered synths.


‘You’re Not the Future’ begins with an arpeggiating synth and a quiet bass line, slowly unfolding into an anthemic show-opening, would-be-massive-live type banger. The album closes with the slightly more pop sounding, reflective tune ‘I Was Looking Back at You to See You Looking Back at Me’. Potential new single material.


British India have proven that it’s indeed possible to release a sixth album just as powerful as the rest.