‘World’s first piss filled record’: Urine for a treat with Private Function’s new gold disc

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‘World’s first piss filled record’: Urine for a treat with Private Function’s new gold disc

Private Function
Photo: Robert 'Squid' Collins

“Please don’t use our DNA to commit crimes”

Ahead of the March 31 release of their latest album 370HSSV 0773H, the band announced on their Instagram: “Congratulations to the 50 people who ordered the ‘Gold’ version of our new record … You just bought a liquid disc full of our piss.”

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Known for their outlandish stage presence and whacky antics, Private Function really are the act that keep on giving.

“We worked with local legends Salty Dog Records to build the world’s first piss filled record, it turns out it’s really hard,” they continue.

“Because of the annoying amount of experimentation needed to make this record work we don’t have a physical copy yet but here’s a video outlining the creation of it.”

“Whatever idea I can come up with, everyone [in the band] is in a similar boat,” frontman Chris Penney said to Beat in a recent interview. “We’ll just do it and see if it works. Maybe it doesn’t work, maybe it does. [The band] just gained popularity on its own, which is awesome.”

The band’s new album 370HSSV 0773H is out March 31. “We’ve had a couple of people get it straightaway and then some people immediately start thinking about the numbers and letters… trying to crack the code,” says Penney of the curious album title. “I love the simplicity that to read the album name you have to turn the album upside down.”

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 370HSSV 0773H is out on March 31, via Still On Top Records. Keep up to date with all of Private Function’s latest antics by heading here.