Singles With Lachlan: Miss Destiny, Pnau, and more

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Singles With Lachlan: Miss Destiny, Pnau, and more


Single Of The Week

Miss Destiny : Randy

‘Randy’ bursts out of the gate (of hell), propelled by absolute ripsnorter riffs and a temperament balanced between yearning melody and detachment. Every move here feels like a beast of its own volition, conducting a graceful apocalypse. Lifted from an upcoming seven-inch, launched Friday December 15 at The Curtin with all-star guests UV Race and The Faculty.


PNAU : Go Bang

It would be remiss to call this cookie cutter diet deep-house. It’s more so a collection of cookie cutter hooks, assembled and processed into a platter of cookies, which is okay, because cookies, or biccies, have their purpose, but you can’t gather sustenance from cookies, y’know.


Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys : Victoria

Decidedly monolithic, ‘Victoria’ mines its own stoic guard for fragments of emotion, draining a muted poignancy from numbing dreariness. There’s minor reward, despite its restraint from indulging in singalong catharsis. But you can still punch the air to the two beats before the tom rolls.


Mod Con : Do It Right Margo

A swirling unease threads ‘Do It Right Margo’, glints of menace and cheek, all consolidating into a commanding chorus cry. Mod Con is a new project for a triumvirate of accomplished Melbourne artists, with this marking an assuring opening salvo.