Severins’ debut album is a punk-fueled snapshot of an ailing world

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Severins’ debut album is a punk-fueled snapshot of an ailing world

Words by Tom Parker

After years of waiting, the post-punk outfit have finally delivered their first effort.

During the ‘90s, Severins were members of a vociferous music community devout to their independence. After years in the abyss, the post-punk outfit have returned with their first full-length, Reconnect – a fitting title given the band’s renewed objective.

On the new album, the band play with the sonics of The Dandy Warhols, the grit of Joy Division and the gloom of The Cure to create an ominous statement that circles a yielding world in the wake of apocalypse. It’s honest, unflinching and mirrors an outfit that are not just here to reconnect, but reinvigorate.

By way of sound, Reconnect is intricate in its arrangements – it’s a restless record that will intimidate you at one turn and then fully engross you at the next. As frontman Geoff Berry’s foreboding vocals tiptoe across the deep bass palpitations and flailing guitars, the album leaps from its punk bedrock into kraut and psych rock territory.

‘Give It Some Mince’ is a highlight, an intensifying number that doesn’t channel any ordinary narrative but is confounding in its nonscience. ‘The Plug’ stands at the top of the B-side – a practical mistake becomes a metaphor for something more sordid.

Years of waiting has seen Severins deliver a debut album of epic proportions. This band aren’t here for any momentary parade, this is a revival and a committed one at that.

Reconnect is out on Friday June 28 and Severins launch the new album at the Northcote Social Club on the same day. Grab your tickets to the show here.