Russian Circles and Eagle Twin Tour

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Russian Circles and Eagle Twin Tour


Hailing from the windy city of Chicago, Russian Circles have been making their mark on the international underground since 2004. Starting with their self tiled, self released debut EP, Russian Circles have gone onto critical acclaim by recording numerous singles and split releases, not to mention three full length albums. Their latest offering Emprosis their fourth and heaviest album to date. Australian audiences, prepare your ears for a serious load of fresh and heavy discordant metal.

 Although Eagle Twin is a new entity, its helmsman Gentry Densley is no stranger to innovative, heavy music.  Densley was the musical visionary and leader of the legendary jazz, prog, rock, metal, hardcore group Iceburn from 1991-2001. In order to disseminate his majestic and mountainous riffs in the present day, he enlisted massively behemoth skinsman Tyler Smith. The two have come together with a love of all things heavy.