Review: Fractures radiates calm in a moderate electro-pop earworm

Review: Fractures radiates calm in a moderate electro-pop earworm

Words by Matt Parnell

Fractures deliver the first taste of summer on ‘Raspberries’.

It’s difficult to separate the feature and the song here, but in trying to view Fractures in isolation you see he’s a man who radiates calm.

With a series of layers that grow and twist, their moderate pop-electro is the perfect base for Jade Alice to give the song a bit of verve with a real earworm of a feature.

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It’s got that room filling vibe you’d associate with, say, a Jamie xx. Something that expands within itself, bright and fun, really drilling into the track’s core concept of feeling like “raspberries in your mouth”.

The interplay of the vocals he provides work in well with the feature, to the point it’s hard to extract what’s from what without listening to his previous work.

Adding in to the fact that it’s difficult to truly view this single in isolation, rather, something more part of an ecosystem, the track spikes at the end in a way that feels like it’s a natural progression to a different song in an album.

Short, sharp, wets the whistle for more Fractures to come.

In a beautiful moment of synchronicity, it turns this track is the first single from forthcoming ‘Summer’, releasing on November 12th.  You hear it and you know what the EPs about, without even being aware of the name.

How fun.

Stream or purchase Fractures’ latest track Raspberries here.