Pond were as unpredictable as ever when they took over the Corner

Pond were as unpredictable as ever when they took over the Corner


With three sold-out shows at The Corner, Pond has gathered a significant fanbase over the last decade – and while some of their newer hits are a lot more poppy than their early psychedelic stuff, the contrast between these two styles keeps live shows as unpredictable and engaging as the band’s lead singer.

The all-girl, all-impressive rock outfit Body Type warmed the stage. This Sydney four-piece have crafted some really cool instrumental formations, and thanks to their playful onstage banter, had everyone in good spirits before the main act.

Pond opened with 3000 Megatons, the opening track from their new album, The Weather. It was a slow burner, but just like a good Queen song, played out like a rock opera with a climactic finish.

Surprisingly they chose not to finish with Sweep Me Off My Feet, the new song that seems to be generating a lot of airplay lately. It came and went towards the start, which was great for those who preferred their more obscure work.

Unsurprisingly, the quirky five-piece featured most of their new album, including standouts Fire In The Water and Paint Me Silver, but also threw in a few favourites from their back-catalogue such as Elvis’ Flaming Star and Waiting Around For Grace.

Frontman Nick Allbrook is one of the most entertaining personalities in Australian music. He’s like a cross between David Bowie and Bon Scott – highly eccentric but raw as hell. He even pulled out the flute for new track Zen Automation, which was a contrasting instrument for such a heavy tone.

One of the best for the night was Don’t Look At The Sun Or You’ll Go Blind, which had Allbrook launching into the crowd before breaking into a rendition of OutKast’s Bombs Over Baghdad.

Both guitarists, Jay Watson and Shiny Joe Ryan, had a go at vocals for a couple of tracks. Sharing the spotlight is great, but with the amount of vocal effects they both had to use, they should really just leave it to their competent frontman.

The set slumped a little with lengthy Edge Of The World Pt. 1, which was just a bit too slow to play so late in the set, but thankfully picked up again with the synth-heavy title track from their new album.

The lads left the stage only to be brought back by a huge “Encore” chant, treating fans to their classic Man It Feels Like Space Again, which they mentioned was especially fitting because they recorded it on Smith Street in Collingwood.


Highlight: Nick Allbrook’s onstage antics.

Lowlight: Overuse of vocal effects.

Crowd Favourite: Don’t Look At The Sun Or You’ll Go Blind.