Pitch set times, site map and more

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Pitch set times, site map and more

Pitch set times

All you need to know ahead of the long weekend ...

The Pitch music festival 2023 lineup will return to the foothills of the Grampian Plains from March 10 to 14 for the sixth edition of one of Australia’s premier electronic festivals, and as usual, the lineup offers an excellent assortment of global production kings and queens.

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Pitch set times

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Pitch site maps

To complement the Pitch music festival programme, there will be interactive arts and installations. The 2022 Pitch Arts Programme featured the likes of Clayton Blake, (Burning Man’s 2018 winner of best art) and Adnate (who painted the tallest-ever mural on a building in the Southern Hemisphere at the housing commissions in Collingwood). The arts programme will be announced at a later date.

Patrons will be able to relax at the Pitch Pavilion – a tranquil sanctuary where patrons can take part in yoga classes, sound baths & ambient meditation. The festival will also host an expansive variety of culinary delights, spanning all taste preferences and palates. There will also be markets where you can purchase souvenirs made by ethical creatives and designers, and a pride patrol with live drag performance.

“Pitch audiences go to the festival without knowing what the lineup is because they know what the environment is going to be like,” Nina Las Vegas said on her upcoming performance in a recent Beat interview. “They know that they’re going to be safe and that they’re going to be with their mates. They know that they can dance and make new friends. When you have a festival that’s open-minded, that’s when it’s the best.”

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Pitch dates and location

  • Pitch Music & Arts
  • 10-14 March 2023
  • Moyston, VIC

It all goes down over the Easter long weekend, from April 10 to 14. Find out more by heading here.