ORPH give us the lowdown on their latest EP, ‘Telephone’

ORPH give us the lowdown on their latest EP, ‘Telephone’

How did the band first begin and what brought you guys together?

It was out of the wreckage of late ‘80s band, Danger Sharks. In 1989, we went straight to Richmond Audio College and banged down four songs including ‘Drinking Problem’. ORPH tried to make sense of things after earlier bands imploded.

Tell us about your new EP, Telephone. What is the story behind it? What inspired it?

Reforming ORPH after so much time had passed, I thought we should give ourselves a present for all the work we’d done on the new songs and get ourselves into a studio again. So I contacted Joe Hammond who has a studio in my neighbourhood. We had planned to do just two songs but it went so well on the night that we recorded four.

How would you describe your sound and how did you come to it?

I’ve always favoured a raw garagey sound for my songs – after protest there was punk and that allowed me to rock out in my mind. The other guys from the band add a wall of sound, disco beats and heavy-ish rock. We avoid any formula of what rock’n’roll should be, and treat the songs as we feel.

What can we expect from your upcoming show at Whole Lotta Love?

Singing, dancing and rocking out.

Any upcoming shows or new music that ORPH fans should keep an eye out for?

Apart from Whole Lotta Love? It’s all love baby, and you’ve gotta keep an eye out. We’re doing a few gigs around town before the year phases out.

ORPH come to Whole Lotta Love on Thursday October 10. Tix are $10 on the door. Find out more about ORPH via their Facebook page.