Sonia Serin’s new single ‘Dodged a Bullet’ explores relationships in their most vulnerable moments

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Sonia Serin’s new single ‘Dodged a Bullet’ explores relationships in their most vulnerable moments

Sonia Serin

With her new album U N R E S O L V E D almost with us, Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriting visionary Sonia Serin has unearthed the latest single from her forthcoming release.

Serin unapologetically launches straight to the heart with ‘Dodged a Bullet’, the sixth track from the record and one that tells an unresolved tale. Lyrics like, “Sometimes no closure is the only closure we ever get” mark the central theme of this track while the song explores narcissistic relationships where peoples words and actions may not align. However, Serin feels that the term ‘narcissism’ is used promiscuously today and wonders how much healing is available for the people left with those titles.

‘Dodged a Bullet’, is a bold survey of relationships. Serin shines a light on the communicative disconnect which can so often destruct love. Honesty is the central theme here, particularly how it is taken for granted.  In a striking lyric which becomes a pivotal point in the song, where one can reconcile their own closure or resolve from the experience, Serin sings: “I won’t blame you, it was me that put myself there”. 

Soulful and stunningly pop-centric, the song strikes a nerve with anyone who is going through difficult times during or following a relationship. Accompanying the lyrics, Serin’s tender vocals illuminate the narrative while her eloquent songwriting and acoustic prowess only add more to the piece.

U N R E S O L V E D is just around the corner and if more of the album’s songs sing the resounding messages of ‘Dodged a Bullet’, then we are in for a treat.

Sonia Serin’s new single, ‘Dodged a Bullet’ is out now with her new album, U N R E S O L V E D, set to arrive on November 16. Keep up to date with Serin via her Facebook page.