Ocean Sleeper : Six Feet Down

Ocean Sleeper : Six Feet Down


Ocean Sleeper’s self-produced EP is polished from a production standpoint but still feels rough as guts in your ear, which is definitely a good thing.

Opening track Sleepless works as an extended intro, layering the full instrumental suite behind incredibly haunting vocals, culminating as the lead-in to Breaking Free – an intense change of pace. Supported by an epic guitar riff and contrasting vocals, it keeps you on a continuous high from start to finish.

Hold On Stay With Me keeps the fuel burning, using amp effects to create some distinct guitar backing. It’s amazing that four dudes can create so much chaos.

Early single Sewn Shut showcases the best guitar work on the album. The constant battle between melancholy and metal in the vocals is really something, with additional vocal effects that sound creepy as hell.

Another Mistake takes a step back with something much more subdued. Still, don’t get too relaxed as the intensity picks back up ten-fold with the closer, Six Feet Down. This is the kind of song you can’t wait to see live with thundering percussion and a chorus you want to stand up and scream.

By Chris Bright