Nine Inch Nails : Not The Actual Events

Nine Inch Nails : Not The Actual Events


Not The Actual Events signifies the humble return of the industrial melodic rock Nine Inch Nails is renowned for. The powerhouse duo of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross seem focused yet carefree during the entire five-track EP. The pair’s combined efforts on other compositions for cinema has forced a maturity into this unapologetic 21 minutes of ‘90s nostalgic bliss.

Reznor’s husky vocals intrude your personal space with opener Branches / Bones. Just as the song is building momentum it abruptly cuts out and throws you headfirst into track two. Dear World, starts with a rhythmic sequencer comparable to the previous banger Closer, with an added ambience clearly influenced by Ross.

Reznor’s husky voice is a standout in She’s Gone Away. It skims across the surface of a haunting soundscape, intertwining industrial beats with a droning bass that pushes the otherwise monotonous song forward. The Idea of You is also worth a mention as the aggressive drumming of Dave Grohl sucks you in and spits you out.

Nostalgia aside, it’s a great EP and reminds you to create what you enjoy.  After all, everything is a copy of a copy of a copy.

By Jemma King