Night Song

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Night Song


Tell us about your show. Nightsong is a chance to disappear into the dark.  You get to lie down, with a view of the stars and listen to melancholy piano tunes. It’s a chance to travel inwards and bliss out to original piano compositions and works by neoclassical composers like Max Richter and Nils Frahm.


What does your show expose to the audience? There’s a cool Rumi poem that says, “You have no need to travel anywhere. Journey within yourself / Enter a mine of rubies and bathe / In the splendour of your own light”.  I hope, listening in the dark, this show exposes something to each listener about themselves.


How do you use setting and lighting to compliment your work? Lighting will be minimal, as this show is a chance to rest and reflect.  The audience will enter a giant tent I’m building in the Meat Market, I want to make something that listeners can disappear into, like a landscape or a door that opens and then closes behind you.


Why is expression important? Because sometimes it feels like the world’s gone mad. Art and music are ways of making sense of that madness. Expression is our saving grace, our power, unity, and humanity. It’s also what allows us to feel and process, or in this case just relax – escape the madness of the world outside.


Describe your show in three words. Dark, introspective, other-place.