Kosher Bacon

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Kosher Bacon


The show’s called Kosher Bacon, how’d you choose the name? The show is about things that don’t make sense. I got the idea from a long-time friend. He keeps kosher, but only when he’s at home. So when he leaves the house he smashes bacon and calls it “kosher bacon”. If that’s confusing, you’re right. It makes no sense.


How has your life turned into material? A lot of the show is reflecting on strange things from my childhood that I accepted at the time, but now realise how bizarre they were. For example, at my bar-mitzvah, our local politician was also the DJ at the bar-mitzvah party. For some reason, I thought that was normal.


How does this show differ to what you’ve done in the past? This is a completely new show to my debut Jewish-ish at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival earlier this year. I’ve been gigging every night (usually a few gigs a night) testing and honing material. Comedy is all about writing and testing. Then rewriting and retesting. Over and over and over and over.


And you write for The Project on Channel 10, how do you fit it all in? It’s definitely pretty hectic. I write and produce at The Project during the day and then head out to gigs every night, so they’re long days – lots of meals standing up. The Project is a really fun gig. The writers sit around and make jokes all day.


Describe your show in three words. Not very kosher.