Virgin Bloody Mary

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Virgin Bloody Mary


What does your show expose to the audience?  A lot of me. Because I don’t speak, it’s vulnerable. Everything is magnified to the audience. It’s also massively physical. By the end, I’m covered in blood, sweat and holy water. It shows Mary as this cool rebellious superhero, instead of some boring chick only known for giving birth.


Tell us about your show It’s me, not speaking, dressed as the Virgin Mary, doing some very stupid, crazy, fun things – mostly playing around with the audience. God calls and tells me to get pregnant with Jesus, but then I pick the wrong sperm, and total chaos ensues.


How was your show formed? I went to French clown school, where Philippe Gaulier gave me the clown character of the Virgin Mary. “But,” he said, waggling his finger, “You can be vulgar. But you must be beautiful!” I do a lot of bad things in that costume, and then look innocent and pure.


Is there a signature approach to how you perform? There’s the clown thing, where I want to be present with the audience at every moment, having fun with them, being playful. With what I make I want it to be really fun, dumb and ADD-friendly for the audience.


Who are your biggest influences? Monty Python, Phil Burgers, Steve Martin, David Letterman, Rory Scovel, Will Ferrell, Philippe Gaulier.