Naomi Keyte premieres Warm Water video: A touching ode to the friendships that carry us

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Naomi Keyte premieres Warm Water video: A touching ode to the friendships that carry us

Naomi Keyte
Photo: Jonathan Van Der Kanaap
words by staff writer

The South Australian force of folk and alt-pop has worked with contemporary dancers to bring her latest single, Warm Water, to life.

There’s a soft intimacy that radiates through everything Naomi Keyte does. Her latest work, the freshly unveiled video for her single Warm Water, is no exception. In it, two nude leotard-clad dancers twirl around the ruins of a building in the late afternoon glow.

The song outlines the intricacies and sentimentalities of an enduring platonic relationship. Propelled forward by an escalating guitar riff, the song captures the essence of a love that goes beyond romance.

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“In this video, I wanted to capture both the intimacy and distance that is experienced in friendships. The two bodies moving so closely and even responding to one another, but never actually touching capture reflects this,” says Keyte.

For inspiration, Keyte drew from the closest friendships in her own life and the impressions they’ve left, namely her friends Zoe and Lauren. Lauren introduced her to rosehip oil; Zoe gifted her a special soft face cloth that’s become a part of her daily routine.

“The song’s lyrics are quite explicit and direct, so we wanted to move away from any kind of literal representation. I’ve always wanted to work with dancers, as I find contemporary dance to be such a rich medium and the human body so emotive. Annabel and Jean listened to the song and improved this entire work, which I think is just brilliant,” Keyte.

“The ruin, which is on Kaurna Country in Myponga represents the past: memories, sentimentality and longing. The fading light of [the] golden hour mirrors the liminality and impermanence of all relationships.”

Atop it all, Keyte’s gentle, crystalline voice appears like a brilliant light. Uncluttered and evocative, Warm Water invites listeners to be grateful for the ones they hold dear, remember the small loving moments and recognise the universal longing for connection.

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