Musicians and creatives’ networking app Vampr hits 1 million users

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Musicians and creatives’ networking app Vampr hits 1 million users

Words by Sam McNeice

Vampr has 6.5 million connections and counting as it gears up for a new funding round.

Networking app turned complete hub for musicians and creatives, Vampr, has hit one million users and counting. The mobile app, which has seen large successful funding rounds, has just announced plans for a new funding round in Q4 2021.

What you need to know:

  • Vampr, a networking app for musicians and creatives has surpassed one million users.
  • The app, which is used by industry professionals and upstarts alike, has seen over 6.5 million connections worldwide.
  • Vampr has announced plans for a new funding round in Q4 2021.

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The one million user milestone was hit after Vampr relaunched in August 2020 with a revamped (pun intended) user interface, onboarding 400k users in the last 12 months. By Vampr’s estimates, the app is set to add over 50 million users in the next five years.

On hitting one million users, Josh Simons, Vampr’s co-founder and CEO, said: “We are incredibly proud to have hit this momentous milestone, welcoming over 1 million users to our platform. As we continue to grow our industry-leading platform, we hope to support more creatives and musicians in the community with our innovative marketplace, helping them to connect and collaborate with some of the most influential names in the music industry.”

After their most recent successful funding round in February, Vampr built a suite of live streaming tools called Vamps. This portion of the app functions like an Instagram story/live stream but your live stream can notify other users and invite them to join, allowing musicians to find potential fans and collaborators around the world.

Alongside this, Vampr has a range of tools available for its users including distribution, publishing and a network of brand partnerships to help you create and release your music.

Across all music streaming platforms, Vampr’s users have a combined 62.5 billion streams accounting for $162M of revenue for artists worldwide. Among their users is Kanye West’s Grammy-winning producer Anthony Kilhoffer, who used Vampr to find a string arranger to collaborate with in his area.

Looking to the future, Vampr has set its sights on a multi-million dollar funding round planned for later this year. Plans for further growth in users and features make this global creative ecosystem one to keep an eye on.

Check out Vampr’s website for more info.