SAIYON defines alternative R&B-infused electronica with hypnotic ballad ‘Recovery’

SAIYON defines alternative R&B-infused electronica with hypnotic ballad ‘Recovery’


‘Recovery’ is the title track from SAIYON's upcoming EP, due for release on September 23.

With a penchant for textured atmospheres and danceable beats, Melbourne alternative RnB artist SAIYON has delivered a lush taste of her forthcoming EP with alluring new single ‘Recovery’.

The follow up to previous releases ‘Kerosene’ and ‘Getting High’, ‘Recovery’ sees SAIYON continue her sensuous and sensitive approach to cavernous, avant-garde soulful R&B that moves the body and heals the broken heart.

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Effortlessly blending electronic production with stunning alternative RnB instrumentation, the track fuses emotive lyrics, swirling synths and silky beats, creating a beautiful blend of powerhouse vocals and cinematic production.

Amongst the lush soundscapes and pulsing soulful beats, SAIYON’s powerful and melodic vocals are silken, layered and vulnerable as she gives a candid insight into the inner dialogue we experience, facing our demons and the success and failures of life.

“This song is about the battle in your head for self-identity. After everything life has to throw at you, you’ve picked up the pieces and are puzzling together both the good and the bad, trying to figure out who you are,” she explains.

“This song is about a few different events in my life but mostly the relationship with myself and the process of recovering self-identity, self-love and self-acceptance.”

With nods to the likes of Nao, Kelela and KAYTRANADA, alternative R&B, electronic and future soul influences proudly surge and flourish throughout the track. With SAIYON mastering R&B beats, synths and hypnotic vocals, ‘Recovery’ is a slow-burn that somehow also sizzles with febrile immediacy inspired by euphoric influences like Disclosure and Hudson Mohawke.

“I’ve always loved electronic, R&B and soul music. I worked with producer Grant Windsor [Guy Sebastian, Gregory Porter] to take elements of this and create a particular sound that we felt was contemporary, but also reflected the writing and how we envisioned myself sounding as an artist.”

Produced by aforementioned co-writer Windsor, mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer Brian Bender (Emily King, Jose James) and mastered by Frank Arkwright from Abbey Road Studios (Coldplay, Elton John, The Killers), SAIYON has further proved herself as an extraordinary songwriter, with collaborators pushing her further into uncharted, futuristic territory on both this track and her upcoming EP.

“I’ve been so lucky with the team that I’ve gotten to work with for this project. And I was lucky enough to have been able to work with them for every track.

“I was also lucky enough to have Gary Pinto (CDB) feature on Backing Vocals for a few of the songs, he is a singer I admire a lot. Drummer Andy Fisenden (Pete Murray, Guy Sebastian) features on one of the tracks and UK bassist Robin Mullarkey (Jacob Collier, Laura Mvula) played on one of the tracks as well.

“There is also a collaboration with UK producer Hagan, whose work I admire very much! I learnt so much from everyone involved in this project.”

Harnessing that raw emotional power this track provides, the captivating artist has also unveiled a nostalgic music video to accompany the release.

Produced by YBY Creative and directed by Melbourne Duo Hiball, the video explores themes of memory and self-worth, building on the dreamy electronica within the song.

“I sent Hiball a brief about the meaning behind ‘Recovery’ and they came back with this stunning concept of using the camcorder, flat screens and projectors to create this sense of nostalgia and looking back on past versions of yourself,” SAIYON explains.

“I thought this was so beautiful and really resonated with the dramatic notes of the song.”

Technically stunning and emotionally realized, ‘Recovery’ is the title track from her upcoming EP due for release on September 23, which promises to cover a broader spectrum of emotional states with deeper resonance as SAIYON circles around themes of growth.

“The EP is about growth. And really defining moments that happened in my life over the last few years. It draws on the good and the bad experiences, like confrontation, losing friends, finding friends, heartbreak and falling in love again. But most importantly finding yourself a long way.

“It really is about rediscovering yourself and recovering your identity. Musically, I would say the EP is a mix of Soul and R&B mixed with Electronic/dance music.”

With three releases, a forthcoming EP and immense vulnerability, SAIYON is proving to be a real game-changer when it comes to the beloved subset of RnB, reviving the traditional and timeless elements while offering her own unique electronic take.

Offering up something fresh in her music, SAIYON will certainly prove to be an essential addition to your playlists for years to come.

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