Murder, mayhem and mirth: Murder Village is delightful, pulpy fun

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Murder, mayhem and mirth: Murder Village is delightful, pulpy fun

Murder Village
Photo: Mark Gambino

Delivering campy thrills and absurd scenarios, Murder Village is a hilarious off-the-cuff mystery that had me on edge of my seat until the very end.

With its talented performers and tried and true formula, Murder Village is a highly entertaining, engaging and hilarious comedy show. Soundtracked by a live keyboardist and set in the world of 1950s Agatha Christie, we settled into our seat at The Butterfly Club on a rainy Monday evening to ruminate on the murder of Vicar Victor Prays.

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The show takes place at The Butterfly Club, a perfect setting for a Cluedo-style mystery, with its eccentric scenery and warren-like interior that transports you to straight to a different era. What sets Murder Village apart from other shows is that the performers take suggestions from a QR code, leading to delightfully absurd scenarios that keep the audience engaged and entertained throughout the show.

The show’s talented performers craft a cast of eccentric characters that are both charming and delightful. One of the most impressive aspects of the show is that, despite being improvised, all of the characters in the story had a valid motive to commit murder. This is a testament to the performers’ improvisational skills and their ability to create complex characters on the fly.

The campy concept of Murder Village is as great as it sounds on the tin – it’s a tried and true formula that continues to captivate audiences. The show is so good that it’s worth seeing multiple times, with each performance set to bring an entirely new and exciting experience.

Murder Mystery Village is an absolute must-see show for any fan of murder mysteries. With talented performers, an interactive and hilarious storyline, and a unique setting, the show will have you laughing, guessing and thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. If you need an example of how much this show has taken Melbourne’s comedy scene by storm, look no further than their sold-out season at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Murder Village have a once a month residency at The Butterfly Club. Keep up to date with everything Murder Village here.