Hot Department’s Wet Heat: Wild with a splash of baffling

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Hot Department’s Wet Heat: Wild with a splash of baffling

Hot Department Wet Heat review
Words by Bryget Chrisfield

These two mates met while studying theatre in Ballarat and decided to form a sketch comedy duo – Hot Department’s onstage chemistry was always gonna be flirty and fun then, right?

Ridiculously talented and quick-witted AF, Honor Wolff and Patrick Durnan Silva each bring turbo-charged-breakfast-radio-host energy to Wet Heat.

We’ve got a feeling no two Wet Heat performances are ever the same – it’s a theatresports fanatic’s wet dream! And Hot Department seem to relish in testing their audience’s tolerance levels as well, almost welcoming the odd audible groan (see: their piss-takingly extended “Gab’s always like…” mime-off).

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It’s a very physical hour and the pair’s evenly matched, nuanced body articulations wonderfully serve the standout “two Sims from The Sims 2 flirting” sketch. But Hot Department also specialise – deliberately or otherwise – in fearless comedy that forces us to think. When Honor temporarily takes the role of – we wanna say Macca? – for a locker-room Truth Or Dare bit, and secret sexual experimentation between the two blokey ‘bloke’ characters ensues, audience laughter ranges from nervous to uproarious. Uncomfortable comedy opens up important convos, which is where Wet Heat’s true genius lies.

Experiencing Hot Department’s lit comedy with no prior knowledge is wild with a splash of baffling. It’s not for the faint hearted, but Wet Heat is mind-meltingly funny for those who surrender to the preposterousness of it all.

Sidenote: Probably not suitable for elderly relos (unless they’re super-inappropes).

Best bit: Honor’s impression of someone whose favourite colour is yellow.

Number of legit LOLs: Whoops, hollers, LOLs and nervous laughter.

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