Memoryhouse : The Slideshow Effect

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Memoryhouse : The Slideshow Effect



Memoryhouse began life as a photography/film and music collaboration between Evan Abelle and Denise Nouvion. In 2011 their first recorded work came to fruition with The Years EP, wherein Nouvion put aside her camera to lay down some vocals, while Abelle experimented with various genres. Their first full-length album is a lightweight listen that’s pleasant enough, though it’s unusual that such adventurous beginnings have yielded such pedestrian results.


The Slideshow Effect recalls the slow, dreamy guitar pop of the early ‘90s but lacks atmosphere of its 4AD counterparts. Little Expressionless Animals is a promising introductory song, then things really kick into gear with the heady power-pop of The Kids Were Wrong. From here, it all glides along as inoffensive background music, with only Heirloom standing out; the second half of the album could really do with an extra uptempo track or two to give it a shot in the arm.


By securing ‘dream pop’ as their genre of choice, applying a minimalist template and bringing Nouvion’s vocals to the forefront, Memoryhouse have finally established their sound, but the final cut makes you wonder whether they’re really playing to their strengths.




Best Track: The Kids Were Wrong

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In A Word: Unmemorable