‘Mama’: VÉR releases hard-hitting, introspective single

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‘Mama’: VÉR releases hard-hitting, introspective single


With a performance lined up at Open Studio on August 17, VÉR has just released a powerful debut single.

With their debut single ‘Mama’ out this month, VÉR is the genre-bending project from artist and conscious storyteller, Rhyver Mores. Melting together the sounds of R&B and trip-hop to Nordic metal and Sanskrit mantras, VÉR has a unique and unmissable new-age sound. ‘Mama (the state of things)’ poetically discusses the state of the world, the state of human connection and the state of their mental health.

What you need to know

  • The genre-blending artist VÉR has just released their debut single
  • It’s an atmospheric and emotional track about climate change and human connection 
  • Selected by the boîte and Music Victoria for the Portfolio Project, they’ll be performing at Open Studio on August 17

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Atmospheric, emotional, and inspiring “Mama (the state of things)” is an anthem for hope and a call to action against climate change, human disconnection, and corruption. With genuine, hard-hitting lyrics and punchy raps paired with elegant vocal melodies, booming horns and cinematic strings, VÉR tells the story of being a witness to a world that is losing hope for a better future and reminds us to keep holding on.

“It was just after massive bushfires tore across most of my home state of Victoria, as well as many others, that the COVID lockdowns began,” VÉR says. 

“There was an unmistakable sense of hopelessness that swept across everyone I knew, myself included. The distance and tragedy forced us all to really reflect and think about what’s truly important underneath all the media and the fear.”

With their first audio-visual EP The State of Things releasing this month alongside their single, they’re known for bridging mediums into the visual sphere. Teaming up with Soft Focus Media Ltd. and Taymaynari Productions Ltd., they create a visual storytelling experience that deepens the immersive experience of the listener. 

Check ‘Mama (the state of things)’ by heading here. Catch them at Open Studio on August 17 – grab your tickets by heading here.

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