Love Song

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Love Song


Tell us about your show. In a time when people are more disconnected that ever, Love Song examines the repercussions of shutting yourself within the confines of routine and a ‘normal’ life and exploring what happens when change and chance come knocking at the door.

How was your show formed? It came about over a few too many glasses of wine in our flat, after trolling through dozens of plays. Finally, we found the right opportunity to be both funny and really touching. 

Has the show turned out how envisioned? How or how not? Yes and no. We managed to nab the hilarious Francis Greenslade to direct. That helped lift the show into a much greater place. We thought initially that we would be doing the play in a fairly straight way, but with some wonderful minds we are now doing it on three stages – in an a big old warehouse in Collingwood, with live music and an audience rotating in the middle.  

What do the performing arts mean to you? It’s about coming together with a group of kind and compassionate people who on many occasions work for not a dime. It’s about being committed to lifting  a story from the page to space and interrogating it. It’s about pushing ideas and experimenting with the various nuances of human experience.