Your Fearless Future

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Your Fearless Future


Does your show have any audience participation? The future of work is something we are all creating as employees, consumers, parents, and business owners. By drawing the audience into the action, we’re aiming to build a space where it will become more obvious how any one person will be to navigate future choices to gain a sense of control.

How do sound and movement co – complement your work? Our work pulls people into a community conversation about the future using sonic-spatial engagement. Both sound and music are familiar to us all in everyday life. As performers, we hijack the familiar and use it as a bridge to take the audience into the less familiar and uncertain future.

What truths do you hope your performance to expose? We expose the power of art to heal individuals and communities. We witness and participate in conventions that draw upon inner beauty, humanity and raw emotional power. It is difficult but very possible to perform these roles. It requires a certain dexterity, adroitness, gratitude, ingenuity and inventiveness.

Is there a signature approach to how you perform? Our signature approach explores all the levels of our identities and delivers them in unfamiliar contexts, a process which reveals how events, emotions, and preferences will collectively drive our options for work.

How was your show formed? Our show springs from our experiences as performance-based facilitators in art and science. We create on multiple planes simultaneously investigating, empathising, persuading, inventing and distracting.