Lo Carmen : Lovers Dreamers Fighters

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Lo Carmen : Lovers Dreamers Fighters


When Carmen sings the title track to Lovers Dreamers Fighters, it’s replete with the emotional edge you want to hear from anyone exploring their feelings – but stopping short of unloading too much-unwanted baggage; when Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy turns up to help out with ‘Sometimes It’s Hard’, you know it’s coming from the heart, and it’ll do the world good to hear. ‘Last Thing I Remember’ is lament in the deftest of hand, ‘YouNever Learned How to Dance’ renders loss as footsteps missed on the dancefloor and Dolly Parton would surely shed a knowing tear to ‘Rhinestones in the Rain’. Regret lies just below the surface of the ethereal ‘I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell’; ‘Hold Your Lover Close’ is the philosophical proposition that comes with experience. ‘Put Another Record On’ is allegorical to the point of distraction, ‘Parting Gifts’ is when darkness descends and ‘A Tree in Winter’ is the oasis of hope that breaks up the desert of despair.

The presence of some of Nashville’s finest session musicians affords Lovers Dreamers Fighters a lush orchestral feel and countrified inflection that you don’t find under just any old country music rock. Quality stuff.