Lindsay Foyle’s 2018 Cartoon Exhibition delves into the history books

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Lindsay Foyle’s 2018 Cartoon Exhibition delves into the history books


The idea for the show was born when… When the ABC TV broadcast a number of programs called Stop Laughing This Is Serious. The name was taken from one of the best-known cartoons in the world, drawn by Stan Cross in 1933, but the ABC ignored it. This cartoon exhibition is an attempt to redress that oversight.

Can you share a moment your cast always remembers? At the 1990 Stanley Awards, Paul Keating was addressing a large gathering of cartoonists. He said, “One of the worst things about being a politician is seeing yourself being lampooned everyday by the cartoonists”. He then added, “There is only one thing worse, seeing some other bastard being the centre of attention.”

What do you love about the Melbourne performing arts community? Melbourne has a long tradition of cartooning going back into the 1850s, when Melbourne Punch was first published. Since then, there has been a rich contribution made to cartooning by some of the best cartoonists in the world.

Can you describe the journey of creating the show? Some of the cartoons in this show have been gathered from cartoon history books and others from some of the best know cartoonists working in Australia. It is probably the largest cartoon exhibition ever held in Australia. The need to be laughed at is strong in the cartoon community.

How have events in your life turned into material? Everyday politicians produce inspiration for cartoonists, without them they would be reduced to making fun of everybody else. But not everybody is as funny as a politician trying to be serious.