Kate Jenkinson, Pinky Beecroft & Friends compare their purity in ‘Rhubarb’

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Kate Jenkinson, Pinky Beecroft & Friends compare their purity in ‘Rhubarb’


Tell us about your showRhubarb is a lying competition. Live on stage. Myself [Pinky Beecroft] versus Kate Jenkinson, with help from different friends each night. Mostly Kate tells strange and perverted stories and I try to figure out what’s true and what’s not. Then we swap. My stories are much less perverted, because I’ve led a pure life.

The idea for the show was born when… I realised that Kate Jenkinson had lived a more fucked-up existence than I had. That was a new experience for me, finding someone more irresponsible/messed-up/damaged/peculiar than myself. It’s a beautiful feeling.

What does your show teach the audience? It teaches the audience that even on their worst days, they’re not as lost as the people on stage. 

Can you share a moment your cast has always remembered? My cast has always remembered the time we performed the show in western Africa, in Guinea, on a huge stage under the stars. And hundreds of people turned up, and nobody could understand a word we said, but it was beautiful, and I cried. Everyone cried.

What do you love about the Melbourne performing arts community? Most of all I love that it’s in Melbourne. And that it mostly stays in Melbourne. (It would be less convenient if it was in Iceland, for example)

Describe your show in three words. Diverse, inappropriate, hypersexual.