Lewis Cancut : Indoor Rainforest

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Lewis Cancut : Indoor Rainforest


Lewis Cancut’s newest release Indoor Rainforest is pristine, tropical house music from a rave inside a video game.

The influence of Japanese and anime culture is strong throughout the record (the cover art is perfect) and the bouncing synths, treated Japanese woodwind sounds and kicking percussion only compound the eccentric high-energy.

 Cancut goes a step further on Ice Cream and Asphalt and employs the addictive, sickly-sweet vocal contributions of Miku Hatsune. While all of this might sound gimmicky to some, he’s created something truly intriguing – largely, because it never sits still.

Coming in at an economical 20-minutes, nothing is too cute and nothing outstays its welcome. Cancut takes listeners on an intriguing ride through his Indoor Rainforest which – in the real world – is a man-made attraction; and for that reason, the title is very telling. Nothing here is out of place. It will make as much sense in your headphones as it will when you’re dancing in the dark with strangers.

By Luke Fussell