Lester The Fierce : The Summer Deluge

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Lester The Fierce : The Summer Deluge


Lester’s first exposure was as the singer songwriter of unorthodox acoustic trio Me And The Grownups, a group whose rich fusion of folk melodic sensibility, classical composition and poetic lyrics, was all the richer for its minimalism. Last year Lester was co-creator of Fridgebuzz, a Radiohead tribute concert staged at Old Melbourne Gaol. The first and only public performance in the heritage site, it was unforgettable for its atmosphere alone.

My point is, Lester is no mere indie songstress, but an artist whose aesthetic sensibility transcends both genres and mediums. And in this four track EP – recorded with a selection of session musicians rather than a band per se – she fully realises her talent for combining well-conceived arrangements with evocative prose to create that rare kind of music where the emotion appears to have shape and texture.

While the palette is generally dark throughout The Summer Deluge, there is a spectrum of sorts that runs between serene opening track The Hunter, with its delicately unfurling strings and vocal harmonies, and the brooding anger inherent in the pounding beat and disfigured guitar of closing track The Asylum. There is definitely more of an ‘indie rock’ sound to this stuff than Lester’s previous work, but even the EPs most driving strummer, November, is terrifically nuanced with other instrumental touches and countermelodies… not to mention the confronting personal lyrics.

When Me And The Grownups disbanded, I held my breath. Now, I can exhale. Clearly, as a creative force, Anita Lester is only just getting warmed up.

Best Track: The Asylum

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In A Word: Visceral