25 things everyone has said at Meredith

25 things everyone has said at Meredith

Words By Charisa Bossinakis

Meredith is so glorious it has its own vernacular.

One of life’s most riveting experiences is Meredith Music Festival. Though all festivals display a great marriage of fantasy and reality, Meredith is truly in a lane of her own. From the mystifying Supernatural Amphitheatre to the flaring lights of the Ferris wheel, walk through the gates and an epic adult playground awaits.

Meredith is transcendent, yet intangible. It’s a culture creator and perpetual educator. It’s endlessly inclusive and ethically minded. It’s fucking awesome and that’s all there is to say.

Things may seem grim right now, but the power of our music appetite should never be underestimated. While the future of the live music and festival landscape remains uncertain, one thing is clear, there’s nothing more enthralling than a shared Meredith experience, especially when drinking bevvies in the Supernatural Amphitheatre arm in arm with your best mates. We hope to be reunited with you soon, Aunty.

To celebrate vernacular that is iconically Meredith, here’s 25 things everyone has said at the beloved festival.

1. Where the fuck is Tom Mankey’s?

2. Up for a game of beersbee?

3. Anyone know the set times?

4. I knew Julia Jacklin well before her ARIA nomination

5. Nothing goes better with flannel than flannel

6. My diamontes aren’t sticking!

7. Oi! That’s my bucket hat

8. Let’s wake up at 5am to get a good camp spot at Meredith. Gets up at 8am…

9. Meet you at The Pink Flamingo bar?

10. Never mind, that was at Golden Plains

11. Anyone driving back to Fitzroy got a spare spot in their car?

12. I’m gonna make it to sunrise tonight

13. What does “interstitial” mean?

14. I’ve heard Silence Wedge are really sick

15. Can you roll me one?

16. Paper scissors rock for whoever has to run back to get beers from the campsite

17. *At 8:30pm* Everyone to the sunset strip!

18. *At 4:30am* Should we check out the Ecoplex Cinema?

19. Ferris wheel?

20. Where’s our spot in The Sup this year? Third lantern on the left?

21. I feel spiritually connected to the crowd right now. It’s like one big pulse

22. Oh sorry! Is this your couch?

23. Fuck, should I put my hand up for the Meredith Gift this year?

24. It’s not actually haunted is it?” *When asking about The Sup*

25. *Upon returning to the festival* Oh Aunty how I’ve missed you

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