Last Dinosaurs : In A Million Years

Last Dinosaurs : In A Million Years


Releasing their debut full-length album is Brisbane four-piece and ‘Unearthed’ darlings, Last Dinosaurs. Titled In A Million Years, the pop quarter have created an album with a much more experienced sound. However, this is to their detriment, the effects of such a growth-spurt leaving the songs feeling a little uninspired.

Debut single Zoom opens the album; a catchy and enthusiastic guitar pop song about wanting to be with a/caring for/complaining about a girl. This combination of song and story is reoccurring, several times over. Time And Place feels crisp with a simple circulating guitar melody, however upon surviving the boring trek to Honolulu, it does not sound that refreshing at all.

The maturity in the sound quality of the album may leave it uninspired, however it is the irritating immaturity of the lyrical content that makes In A Million Years even harder to listen to. Despite the four band members being median age of 20, every tune is a love-letter penned by a 15-year-old boy. The boys’ musicianship has come a long way; their lyrics however, not so much.

Satellites  provides a brief interlude of ocean sounds and background chatter before returning to the same old formulae with Weekend, no more than a few cute guitar riffs  whirling in and out of one another. 

Each individual song is cute and catchy; an enjoyable three or so minutes that is pleasant to sit through while waiting for what is up next. However as an album, In A Million Years is plain and unexciting. It plays out on this plateau of perky rock music with no substance.



Best Track: Time And Place
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In A Word: Tedious