Laneway Festival 2012 Rumour Round-Up

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Laneway Festival 2012 Rumour Round-Up


The official video announcing the dates and venues (see above) is soundtracked by the soothing electro of M83. Seems like it would be a bit of a letdown if they didn’t place him on the bill then, hey?

The Laneway site features a spotlight on seven rising female-fronted acts (the article is entitled Shut Up, Dude – a sly Das Racist allusion, perchance?), stating that there will be at least six female/female-fronted acts on next year’s lineup.

It’s safe to assume we can rule out Dum Dum Girls, PJ Harvey, Crystal Castles and Best Coast, as they probably won’t be sticking around after visiting for various festivals happening the month prior.

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It’s a crying shame that Annie Clark, aka St Vincent has yet to visit Australia. It looks like Laneway Festival would provide an opportunity for this travesty to be rectified.

Soaring vocalist Austra released a shit-hot record midway through this year, and would prove a hit on any one of the Footscray Community Arts Centre stages.

Alongside the hint of the lady-oriented lineup, the official Laneway Facebook page proclaimed that there would be a strong contigent of Canadian folk at the festival. If we were to make a Venn diagram of the two hints, we would see one Leslie Feist square in the middle – who would no doubt make a welcome return to the festival since appearing alongside Broken Social Scene in 2008.

Continuing with the folking-Canuck theme, haunting outfit Timber Timbre would provide a stunning soundtrack to a Laneway dusk.

As for plugging the punk void left by Les Savy Fav, who crushed it at the 2011 instalment, we think tenacious Danes Iceage could fit the bill. Or better yet, the unbridled filth of Pissed Jeans would be pretty fucking awesome.

But once again, as Wilco said, “Where would we be without wishful thinking?”