Keith Urban : Graffiti U

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Keith Urban : Graffiti U


At its heart, Graffiti U is quite simply a good country album, but what makes it an interesting  album is how Keith Urban has brought many other genres and artists to this record, lifting it far beyond what you’d expect.

Full of twists and turns, you’ll find yourself surprised by just how many layers there are to this album. Initially ‘Never Comin Down’ is bluesy, smooth and a little sultry, then it grows into a toe-tapping, dancing classic. There isn’t a single moment on this album that is the same as the one before it. 

Whether good or bad, the tracklist as a whole takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. While it might feel a little sporadic, every track has a wealth of emotion that awards each one an independent and unique quality. 

At the same time as being more of the same for Urban, it’s also a step toward something new, and while it isn’t clear exactly what he is trying to do, if nothing else Graffiti U is a catchy, poppy record taking Urban another step in the right direction and continuing his upward trajectory.