Jeyaia releases debut ‘Rising’: ‘The track became stronger…it evolved with me’

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Jeyaia releases debut ‘Rising’: ‘The track became stronger…it evolved with me’

Words by Miranda Briskie

Introducing Jeyaia, English born Sydneysider ‘Rising’ on the scene with her debut single.

Jeyaia brings a new edge to the meaning of soul, blending soulful tones and soft soothing harmonies with smooth beats; through a creative expression of freedom, love and soul connection.

‘Rising’ tells a story of freedom; freeing oneself from the shackles of conditional love and experiencing self-enlightenment. She described her music as “a journey of aligning with our soul and awakening to the truth of who we really are; recognising the extent of our own inner power and strength.”

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“I believe that true freedom is when we know, accept, embody and live our truth,” she says. “It’s a liberating energy of attuning to our divine source of unconditional love, sovereignty and power within.

“The phoenix rises from the ashes, alchemising challenge to growth, darkness to light, and hardship to victory. This song is a transmutation of a false perception of self; to a realisation of true self.”

Her debut single, ‘Rising’ originated during a spontaneous jam with producer Otis James; experimenting with neo-soul piano chords layered with ambient beats, in which the melody flowed easily for Jeyaia.

“I found that as I was coming more and more into my truth, and feeling safe to express that truth fully in my life; the energy of the song really started to come alive,” she continues. “The track became stronger, more empowering, and the energy shifted. It evolved with me.”

Jeyaia is fortunate to have music in her blood. Growing up with both parents as performing musicians in a blues band; some of her first memories are riding in the back of the van amongst musical instruments en-route to gigs. Listening to blues, jazz and soul as a youngster; Jeyaia’s’ early musical influences include Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Nina Simone and Lauryn Hill.

Her journey has been one of self-discovery, with music playing a monumental role in the realisation of her life purpose. Having built an impressive online following and performing internationally for the past few years, supporters of Jeyaia have been eagerly anticipating her original music.

“I trust that those who resonate with the song will feel empowered to look within for their own divine truth, strength and love. To listen to the soft whisper of their heart; their soul; their truth,” she goes on.

“I will always be grateful for what the creation of this track has taught me, and inspired me to become. I’m honoured to be able to inspire that self-empowerment in others.”