James Roque brings highly-acclaimed show Badong to the Melbourne Comedy Fest

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James Roque brings highly-acclaimed show Badong to the Melbourne Comedy Fest


The show will touch on the comedian’s mixed Filipino-New Zealand upbringing.

All of the best comedy has a grain of truth. That’s what allows James Roque’s new show to shine so bright – he’s never been afraid to get personal. In fact, the title of the show is his childhood nickname, Badong, which he still carries around at the age of 30.

The Filipino-New Zealander is bringing Badong to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with a 13 night stint at Campari House, running from March 28 to April 9.

James Roque performs Badong

  • James Roque’s lastest comedy show will be coming to the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
  • From March 28 to April 9, he will perform the 9:50pm show at Campari House
  • Tickets are on sale now

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With his latest one-man show, James dives into his upbringing, his experiences, and how he navigated his culture by reclaiming his cultural identity in a western society.

“This show is my love letter to anyone else who has to try to ‘blend’ in and forget their culture to survive as a kid, only to realise as an adult that their culture is actually what makes them unique,” he says. “The kids who went to school, had people say their food looked weird, only to see those same people now love your culture’s food now that it’s cool to.”


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James has a tight grip on the local comedy scene. His previous show, 2019’s Boy Mestizo, sold out stages in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Wellington. He has already toured Badong through New Zealand and performed it at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Now, he’s looking forward to getting a chance to show it off in Melbourne.

“My favourite thing about going on tour internationally is not only performing to new audiences, but also finding the little pockets of migrant communities that live in the areas. Especially Fillipinos. I love seeing how our experiences all line up together.”

 Tickets for Badong at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from March 28 to April 9 are likely to go fast. To secure yours, head here

This article was made in partnership with James Roque.