Iron Chic : You Can’t Stay Here

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Iron Chic : You Can’t Stay Here


On the brink of tipping over, these high-energy, fist-pumping anthems in the face of existential dread are sure to fortify punk-lovers in their brace against the bleakness of 2017 and beyond.

A band born from the ashes of cult punk-rock four-piece Latterman and recorded in guitarist (of both bands) Phil Douglas’ house, these exuberant songs of anxiety and depression were probably best kept away from any slick productions as the album maintains the intimacy of a DIY project.

Haunting this production is the sad and untimely death of founding Iron Chic guitarist Rob McAllister. His guitar tracks remain on some songs, and the uncertainty and fragility of his life perhaps imposes a stamp on this personal-yet-defiant album.

Even though You Can’t Stay Here may lack diversity, the cathartic rush of gang vocals, biting guitars and raw lyrics will certainly add comradery to those who not only love punk music but question this whole shebang.