Introducing VOLDY, the exciting new rapper set to explode on the Melbourne music scene

Introducing VOLDY, the exciting new rapper set to explode on the Melbourne music scene

Words by Tom Parker

VOLDY has just arrived with his debut single, ‘Burn City’.

A new hip hop talent has just arrived on the Melbourne music scene, armed with a significant story and message. Meet VOLDY, the South African-born, Melbourne-based rapper who’s delivering more than just rhymes and smooth beats.

VOLDY was discovered by new Melbourne A&R collective, ON3 Studio, as an unearthed talent who had the skills without the avenue. With the supportive and promotional nous of ON3 as his vehicle, VOLDY has just emerged with his debut single, ‘Burn City’.

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Named after the place he now calls home, ‘Burn City’ is underlined by VOLDY’s sleek vocal delivery, where he switches between assertive rap and a soulful croon in an impressive technical singing display.

Lyrically, the song represents the difficulty of growing up in a foreign, predominantly-white city, where VOLDY’s forced to navigate racism and marginalisation, already on the back foot in an environment struggling to catch up to change.

Keeping faith in his religion, VOLDY has persevered through adversity to be where he is today – an influential voice who’s found his calling.

Life is short for the innocent/Do you understand the world that we’re living in?/We want the freedom, the dream, the power, the cream,” VOLDY sings on ‘Burn City’, delivering his piece and airing his grievances.

Wish my daughter don’t get judged by the type of her hair/Or the type of her skin/Wishing daddy was fair,” he continues, shining a light on life’s daily injustices which fuel constant anxiety and distress.

The release is accompanied by a new video shot, edited and directed by Rush Entertainment Group (Kobe Bryant, Baker Boy, Birdz) and filmed on the streets of Melbourne. Joined by his friends, including ON3 Studio‘s own Aman Bayatly and Kishnel Chand, the clip sees VOLDY in his element, singing from the heart and navigating the emotions of his music and his message.

Check out the new video below.

VOLDY’s debut single ‘Burn City’ drops today via Ditto.