Hot Snakes : Jericho Sirens

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Hot Snakes : Jericho Sirens


It’s a lie to say that Hot Snakes haven’t pulled a few punches on this record, but there are still plenty of tracks that successfully capture the fiery post-hardcore styled rock ‘n’ roll that the band have pioneered. This record shows that John Reis and Rick Froberg can still shred and howl better than the rest.

The first few songs of the album are a little slow off the starting line. Diehard fans will instantly notice cleaner production, riffs that feel a little pulled back and song structure that leaves something to be desired in terms of complexity or moodiness. That said, these tracks are definite growers, and upon two or three listens you’ll be hooked.

To further that, the second half of the album really picks up. ‘Having Another?’ is a nice throwback to the Drive Like Jehu days with Reis thrashing out some mean noise-rock riffs. ‘Psychoactive’ definitely has a tinge of Suicide Invoice’smoody riff work and ‘Death of a Sportsman’ pumps out great rock melodies from start to finish. All in all, Jericho Sirens is a rare example of a reunion record actually living up to a band’s catalogue. Be thankful.