Yo La Tengo : There’s A Riot Going On

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Yo La Tengo : There’s A Riot Going On


Not to be confused with the Sly And The Family Stone recording bearing a remarkably similar title, this record is as close to a field recording as a band who have made a career from aural terrorism can conjure up.

‘You Are Here’ is like a trip in a time machine set to the beat of ‘60s psychedelic underground with a splash of Can and Faust. A long hiatus and Yo La Tengo develop their new lexicon of adventure and druggy mysticism. By the second song, ‘Shades Of Blue’, YLT are in irresistibly groovy form, laden with copper-bottomed pop hooks. Many of the songs of this prolonged jam session suggest a permanent amazement, but there is also a strange poignancy.

‘Ashes’ is a bittersweet coda which suggests the delivery of a closing chapter. ‘Dream Dream Away’ shows just why this band continues to make music for the discerning few that realise just how captivating, challenging and fascinating Yo La Tengo can be.

They end with ‘Here You Are’ and the groove of primal intensity is complete. Overall, this record is the perfect heist of baroque curiosity.