Hanson : Finally It’s Christmas

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Hanson : Finally It’s Christmas


I don’t know what’s more surprising about this album. The fact that Hanson are still about and have been releasing music consistently for the last 20 years, or the fact that their Christmas album is pretty damn good.


Twelve tracks featuring four originals and eight Christmas covers, Finally It’s Christmas is the best possible Christmas album you could expect from Hanson. Sure it might be a little predictable, and the lyrics can be a bit silly (“Finally it’s Christmas, it feels like I’ve been waiting all year.” Well you have been waiting all year Mr. Hanson); but it’s a fun album to have on in the background and you’ll definitely get at least one tune stuck in your head.


Plenty of instruments get a run, from drums to guitar to keys and horns. Pretty impressive for three guys to fit what sometimes seems like half a music store into one song.


The covers are changed enough to keep them fresh, while still keeping their sing-a-long ablilty, and the originals are catchy and full of joy. If you can handle the over the top pop, you’ll be Mmm-Bopping along all Christmas long with this one on.